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Hmm not a thing about Uber moving from Bermuda to The Netherlands to get a +-5 Billion euro tax break (Yes that's 5 BILLION euro in Taxes so not in Taxable property).


Okay 6.1 Billion dollars, oops.

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Wow. Hadn't heard about that.

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Multinationals do seem to like The Netherlands a lot after the various 'papers'... Though the fun part about this is that this deal was struck a 1-2 months before our (I'm dutch) minister said something alike: We are going to see multinationals don't get away with this.

This is also a very all-party issue: Why aren't they paying tax, especially in the case of Uber it's easy to say/claim they make proffit of the infrastructure the state lays (in other countries than The Netherlands ) and (okay this one might be deep) they also proffit of the economic situation of most of their drivers, they have drivers because "it all sucks" to say it simply.

Just pay your tax in the country which you're owned it! Like any laborer does. Because the drivers aren't profiting from this in anyway.

It would be like if this site would sprout the 'best writers' and this site gets a proffit cut while just being this, a site. Sure the site was made etc... but after that it's just getting money for basically nothing (especially in comparison).

I saw an Interview with Yang, he has a weird even to me view on it all that makes sense... I don't wanna be racist but he paints out what the 'optimists' say China is trying to achieve...

I would like to be a hermit in the woods, I survived the last 3 years on only 1500 a year (with some help, roof over my head etc.) But I would be happy to donate back every year I got too much in Yang's plan. (but I'm not American, though again [argh horrible sentence play I guess] we get a lot of the shit America goes through with a delay and slightly transformed)

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Whoa ... why are you living on so little?

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hot take

lol yeah I just went to a bar and if all counts out (drunk atm) I';; hvae a bar-time today/nextday argh yeah A bar tab of 100 Euro nis MUCH MUCH much to me. I can do this every 3 months if I don't spend spend shit on mushrooms etc..

LOL yang would grant me this every wekke/month and well.. yeah I dunno got a job but yeah, if I got job I wou;ld like this this once a month without savingins comming into play.

OR TO BE HUMAN: F*ggale this comming into play as 'social interaction' LOL yeah I keep by but WTF I would drink less if I got something to go to right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ? [I mean ?] This is Europe speaking, the frontline of the '''''western''''' world, we are all fffffffffff (you know what with your wooden 'houses') FFFFFFFF

yes I am drunk pretty hard to see a european slaying out he suffrage (?) in the face of americans, nm you also have got it bad, normal americans I mean, like the ones nobody talks aboiut... it's all statistics... F******GGGGGG if that's not a matrix consider me a lobotomized gentile.

*EDIT: as european I hope I can claim the 'lol not a nazi' claim for using 'gentile' in my rant. Because thst's a American thing we all dislike.

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With mushrooms I mean champions, like flavor / edible mushrooms, like no 'alpha shizzle' just plain champions.

EDIT: Yeah I like champions for flavoring as they are the cheapest shit you can get beside unions.

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Why don't you have a job? What's going on in your life?

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ATM I'm house-sitting(free living etc except the groceries) and I do have part-part-time jobs (like once a month-ish). Somewhere coming September I might have view on a job, as I'm now in the 'diagnostics' so I can better word my explanation of 'the gab in my CV/resume' after I dropped out of university.

But yeah when I work I do it for little, I didn't file for unemployment checks (I do the ehmm how to say, like 90 euros a month from the tax-people so I can and do have a pretty nice healthcare insurance thingie for dentist and hospitals and the diagnostics are all covered by the insurance. I come by and even saved a bit two years ago. It's pretty easy, though you must not be bothered not really having a own place.

Glamping relates to camping as I relate to a hobo.

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lmao at your "relate to a hobo" line. Why did you drop out of university? Anything going on? Back when I was struggling as a writer, I found this really helpful: These people / their structure and literature seem to understand the roots of keeping yourself in shortage consciousness. And they have phone meetings, which help.

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Why did you drop out of university?

A whole long story but because of my own negligence and 3 Curriculum changes I ended up without any points from all the things I did successfully do (You had for each change a year to officially [and easy] apply for a change to be reflected in your points, I just never did), so While I was thinking I was doing okay I had almost nothing, and starting over when I found out was not a thing I wanted. I basically had my bachelor almost except for a math class and the end-project if I had done the proper change procedures. Also because I was coming down from a 3-4 year intensive weed use period, I was high all day everyday (except for 2 trips to Germany in that period and one time I lost my Bankpass) and just before I discovered I 'had no points' I just had had my personal VALIS experience and following journey ehmm so to say.

Anything going on?

So I just started doing this whole thingy slowly by and by for over 4 years now and somewhere A year ago I began looking for help with getting a job through ehmm I think it would be called 'social services'. But they all thought I was autistic and recommended me to let that get checked out because that's :

  • handy to know

  • something some future employers would like to know anyway (like forensics)

But I was on a waiting list for 4 months and now I doing through the 'whole machine' from schizo-active, the spectrum to lingering psychotic depression and some mania-like type things, they check it all out including interviews with my parents about my early youth and all.


Hmm I checked it out, but it's not in my country and I seem to have the sort of help already. Also I was a bit taken in in my rant by the fact that it's (always) the big earners that are the ones not paying taxes (how bad must a company be to resort to dodging taxes, the local cheesemaker is easily able to cough up his taxes) instead of me complaining about my own situation.

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I know you weren't complaining but as a member of this community I want to get to know you and all our fellows here. I want to know people are thriving. Man that situation sounds so discouraging. Is there no other university (even online?) that the credits you've earned might be transferable to? I relate to the autism thing ... I think I may have aspergers but apparently it's way under-diagnosed in women. I haven't gotten seen for it yet but I want to. Regarding UA ... I just found it really helpful (particularly their 10 principles or whatever) in starting to reframe my thinking around money. A lot of this is rooted in family of origin stuff. And you can change it and start to embrace new beliefs around money and abundance.