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I'm am worried that even if (probably not though, 'American justice' doesn't exist when $ are in play) this case gets the treatment every human would like it to have, justice be done on all involved, it wouldn't help changing the societal problems that are present for hundreds of years to allow these kind of things to happen and thrive in the first place.

The social dissonance between the rich and poor: As a poor (or just normal person) You are properly screwed if you would (truthfully) claim to be raped. The Justice system and the amount(s) of money, lawyers only working for money etc. (Underground deals between lawyers [lol you get $$$ and let us win okay?]) is what thrives/drives the whole system.

Harmony, living and 'not war' just don't make money, child prostitution does and so does defending the perpetrators in court.

"The Devil's advocate" -kind of case Hillary Clinton did back in 1975 paints the picture of 'winning gone wild' way before the Trump (as trump-card*) entered the A-B divided field. They both knew, both held their mouth shut and all involved are so far removed from anything a 'normal human'/american is.

It's 'action movie'-punisher style cool to 'wipe' the slate clean for these people with [insert cool sounding gun name] for good. Though I would like you to have a seat (me too, so objectively speaking, Hanson is the MC for now):

Why are you killing them? What does this solve? Isn't it like spraying deodorant instead of taking a shower? You're free to go, the weapons are there, but they don't help you prevent it. They only make you feel slightly better in a rage filled rampage which was only possible because it wasn't prevented. Let me tell you this: I heard the prison system in the USA is BAD, now free up some space, let go those chronic dealers, get some rehabilitation/education for those who offended officers of the law etc. now you'll have room enough for all these people and the opportunity for them to live a life in servitude and atone for their crimes, while you focus on your direct local enviroment, get connected and make sure your 'land' isn't part of the trafficking.

But if these children are again (like in 2008) referred to as prostitutes... I can't think of anything else than this as the most bi-partisan issue to start shit over!

Ending with a mantra good for all sides:

*No, I despise both pretty much equally (though the clintons and the prison system are underlit IMHO) also I'm european and never voted in a (basically) 2-party system which seems weird as my village produces over 10 kinds of cheese alone.

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Lol, esp at the cheese comment. Bravo. This is kind of a bravura piece right here. Maybe it should be a post of its own?

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Hmm I'm more a 'non-hype'-type, I think this is good as a response, aka my own thoughts on this piece, but... hmm now that I think about it... maybe..

Maybe if there was a /port/ for it, but for now I'm good with it being a response to a article I just read on another >.> site.

Also because it's solely my input, and I'm pretty far removed from the issue.

If for every user comment a separate post should be made it would be chaos ;)

I'm a semi-fluke being here, so let us/you worry about these kinda things when it's all tweaked and running for the intended audience ;)

I just post my 'creative' shizzle here, my facts there (not saying my shizzle isn't riddled with facts).

Having an open podium to write is pretty cool, and I would be okay if you did a full reboot when everything is tweaked.

Writing for writing helps everyone in communication, also I don't mind the critique (though it hasn't been harsh in the least)

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Well once we get more users I prob won't be encouraging everyone to make each comment its own post. But it was a nice fully thought out idea on its own and I wanted to acknowledge that.